Digital Movies 2012

The Fall 2012 class of “History 17 CH: Chicano/Latino Histories” proudly presents the following “Digital Histories.”

These short movies were made by students from Claremont Colleges who enrolled in History 17CH, an introductory level history class on Chicana/o and Latina/o history. Each student chose a topic related to the class, researched it using historical primary and secondary sources, and then wrote a paper. Using iMovie, they then converted their paper into a 3-5 minute movie meant to teach other youth and connect them to the dynamic stories that make up our collective past.

“Bracero Program Extension” (Javier Vazquez)

“Plyler v. Doe” (Daniel Mynick)

“UMAS Brings the National Grape Boycott to the University of Washington” (Karen Castro-Ayala)

“The Brown Berets” (Angeles Contreras)

“The Zoot Suit Riots (Lauren Becker)

“Chicano Student Walkouts” (Xochil Johansen)

“The Bracero Program” (Ariadna Garcia)

“Sterilization of Mexican Women in California” (Kimberly Vargas)

“Mexican Repatriation in the 1930s” (Andrea Diaz)

“The Influence of the Press Within the Chicano Movement” (Nicole Del Valle)

“Operation Wetback 1954” (Kyra Stone)

“Some Sexism in the Chicano Movement” (Carlos Tejeda)

“The Origins of the Brown Berets” (Martin Barrera)

“CASA: Centro de Accion Social Autonomo” (Natalie Mendoza)

“Mexican Youth Discrimination in The Zoot Suit Riots and Sleepy Lagoon Murder Case” (Melina Cuesta)

“Chicana Art” (Shardai Zaragoza)

“From Pachuco to Cholo” (Ahtziri Fonseca)

“1968 East LA Blowouts” (Cora Regas)

“The Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986” (Mauricio Molina)

“Narrative of the Sleepy Lagoon Defense Committee” (Chelsea McMahan)



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