Welcome to History 17CH!

And welcome to our learning colectiva!

This is the class website for “Intro to Chicanx~Latinx Histories” (History 17CH at Pomona College). I’m Tomás F. Summers Sandoval Jr., Associate Professor of History and Chicanx~Latinx Studies, and I’m excited at the chance to learn with you over the next fifteen weeks.

This website will be our primary digital home for the semester. On the pages above you’ll learn just about everything you need to know about our class. You can access the course description; our course outcomes; our course assignments; the policies that will guide grading; and our readings. You will also find a detailed, week-by-week schedule of our entire semester.

We are going to be learning in challenging times––times that require creativity, flexibility, and collective effort. I’ve out a lot of work into designing a course that makes sense for these time, but it’s all of you that will breathe it to life. As we face the unknown future together I hope you will gain strength and purpose from what we do know: we are stronger, smarter, and better as a group than we can ever be as individuals.

Please bookmark our website and check in regularly. Every Thursday morning I’ll post an overview of the week ahead. I’ll also post assignment details and learning resources. Finally, we’ll use this space as a way to nurture our community and experience our colectiva in virtual ways..

Our time together begins Monday, August 24 at 11:00 a.m. We’ll convene in Hahn 101 and via Zoom. Login information will be provided on your campus email.

2019 Digital Movies


Intermarriage of Chinese-Mexicans in Sonora during the 1930s (Jaela A.)

Women’s Rights in the YLO (by Angel D.)

The Zoot Suit Riots (by Jocelyn V.R.)

Mexican Labor in the 1930s Southwest (by Sam S.)

Mexican Repatriation During the Great Depression (by Celeste T.)

Mendez v. Westminister Case (by Sergio Quechol)

William Rosecrans and U.S. Economic Exploitation of Mexico: Railway Development (by Haley K.)

Understanding the Mexican American War (by Tiger K)



The U.S. Reign Over Puerto Rico (by Leilani F.)

The Beginning of LULAC (by Antonio R.)

The Brown Berets (by Amanda G.)

Cesar Chavez: A Flawed Hero (By Geraldine Castañeda)

The Young Lords Party (by Lerick G.C.)

The Bracero Program (by Jose R.B.)

The Unjust Sterilization of Mexican-American Women in Los Angeles (by Claire Sulzer)


Bolivian Americans Creating Community (by Araceli B.)

Repatriation of Mexicans and Mexican-Americans 1929-1939 (by Jorge G.L.)

Chicanxs in Kansas?! (Leonardo F. A.)

The 1968 East L.A. Student Walkouts (by Ruben P.C.)

Mexican Labor in the United States in the 20s, and Now (Kamil E.)

A Ranger Story(by Noelle M.)

El Malcriado – A Periodical for Social Justice (by Aiden D.)

Latinx Discrimination in the Midwest (by Stephanie RD)

Group 4

East L.A. Walkouts (by Bria V.)

The Great Wall of Los Angeles (by LAD)